Pacific Barcode’s Labeling Compliance Program 

What is Vendor Compliance?

A vendor is a person or a company that supplies products to other companies (the customer) who in turn sell these products to their consumers.

Vendor Compliance Rules

Without a common set of rules, the customer (a major retail store or chain of stores) has hundreds, possibly thousands of vendors that provide upwards of 10’s of thousands of items to these stores.

Vendor Compliance is a standard set of rules governing how vendors will do business with the customer. These rules include all phases of the customer’s business including purchasing, receiving, inventory control, accounting, etc. These rules allow the customer to streamline operations and without them, their operation would be impossible to manage. These inefficiencies would increase costs and would have to be passed on to the retail consumer.

In other words, we ensure that your product label meets all the standars and regulations required by the industry. 

At Pacific Barcode, we work with major retailers to simplify the ordering process for both internal and external customers. Our team can use the retailer’s existing criteria or create a set of standards to provide a fast, affordable, and responsible solution for all preprinted or blank labels, ribbons, and equipment needs.

As a result, our labels are printed to meet your standards and guarantee high-quality scannable labels for products, shipping, and container labels. We use ISO/CEN/ANSI approved barcode verification equipment and state-of-the-art barcode label printing software to ensure vendor compliance.

Program results

By enrolling in our program you’re going to be able to reduce costs and cover your labeling needs always following your requirements.

Partner with us to streamline your operations and ensure compliance with major retailers such as:

Academy Sports
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Dunham Sporting Goods
Family Dollar
Holiday Diver
Lakeshore Learning

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