Innovative Floor Label Shields for Enhanced Warehouse Efficiency

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Floor Label Shields

Floor Label Shield – No Label

Pacific Barcode's Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELD™ offers an innovative solution to protect your warehouse floor labels. These shields eliminate the need for drilling into the floor, simplifying the process of affixing label kits. The labels, which come with an ultra-aggressive adhesive, are highly durable and can withstand various conditions, including foot traffic and moderate pallet and forklift activity. The Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELD™ is designed with heavy-duty clear vinyl, featuring tapered edges to prevent lifting from heavy contact. Available in both single and full color, as well as standard and retro-reflective materials, these shields are not only versatile but also customizable, available in the popular size of 4.00"" x 6.00"" and in custom sizes tailored to specific applications​​.