Optimize Warehouse Management with Versatile Control Cones

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Pacific Barcode's Warehouse Control Cones offer a practical and efficient solution for managing warehouse spaces. These cones are particularly useful in areas where signage is challenging to hang or view. They are versatile in application, including the use of retro-reflective barcode labels for long-range scanning, which can replace the need for hanging signs. These cones can also be customized with days of the week, letters, numbers, or barcodes, aiding in the easy identification of special shipping instructions, process controls, inspection quarantines, testing areas, or non-conforming products. Furthermore, they help in effortlessly identifying different pallets or specific areas within a warehouse. Available in colors like Grey, Green, Blue, and Red, and accompanied by retro-reflective labels and decals in various colors, these cones provide complete 360-degree visibility, enhancing both functionality and safety in warehouse environments​​.