VIP inks are changing.

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What’s Changing?

Memjet Technologies is transitioning to a new ink formulation, named VersaPass DA, due to the end-of-life status of color dyes used in the current VersaPass DG and VersaPass DN inks. This change affects VIPColor VP700, VP600, and VP500 series printers, with the new VersaPass DA inks to be available in the second half of 2024.

Details About the Change

Introduction of VersaPass DA Inks

Transition to the new DA ink formulations by Memjet Technologies is motivated by the end-of-life status of the color dyes in current DG and DN inks.

Global Supply Chain Resilience

The initiative addresses unprecedented global supply chain disruptions and dye shortages, ensuring a stable supply of high-quality, readily available ink components.

Prolonged Printhead Life

The new VersaPass DA inks are formulated to prolong printhead life through enhanced compatibility and reduced wear on printhead components, contributing to lower maintenance costs and improved printer reliability over time.

Improved Ink Properties

VersaPass DA inks feature enhancements such as a similar or wider color gamut, more neutral blacks, and an improved safety classification, including fewer hazardous chemicals.

Availability Timeline

The new DA and DA-W inks are scheduled to be available for purchase in the second half of 2024, impacting  VIPColor VP700 series printers.

Environmental and Safety Improvements

VersaPass DA inks are formulated with over 70% water, do not contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), or toxic metals, ensuring better safety and environmental friendliness.

Technical Requirements

Firmware Upgrade Requirement

A required firmware update is necessary for all VIP Color VP700 printers, to ensure compatibility and optimal performance with the new inks.

Complete Ink System Transition Required

In order to prevent color shifts and maintain print quality, it is necessary to drain and replace all inks and the printhead simultaneously.

Updated Color Profiles Needed

The hue and chromaticity changes in VersaPass DA inks necessitate the installation of updated color profiles for accurate color reproduction.