Warehouse Signs

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Custom warehouse signs are used to provide product locations, warnings, directions and safety messages.

Pacific Barcode will custom manufacture your signs in highly visible white, yellow, blue, green, or red.  Ideal for hanging, end of aisle, bulk, or staging locations Pacific Barcode can provide all of your warehouse custom signage. These custom signs can be suspended from a ceiling, beam, or above an area; and depending on the configuration can be viewed or scanned from 1 to 4 sides depending on whether they are flat, triangular, cubed or angled.

With our team’s 750,000+ hours of warehouse label & sign production and installation experience, we’ve learned first-hand that all warehouses are unique and have special needs to make sure that signage is easily and clearly readable and durable.

Long-Range Bar Code Labels and Signs are designed for long-distance barcode scanning up to 50 feet. Choose from hanging labels or mounted on plastic signs to be hung from a chain or suspended wire. 

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