A Peer Roundtable is a collaborative and interactive forum designed for individuals, typically professionals or experts in similar fields or roles, to engage in in-depth discussions on specific topics, share experiences, and exchange ideas.

Detailed Description

Composition and Size:

  • Our Peer Roundtables are usually composed of a small to medium group of participants. This size ensures that discussions remain focused and each member has the opportunity to contribute.
  • Participants are typically peers in terms of their professional roles, industry sectors, or areas of expertise.


  • Questions are submitted by peers ahead of the event.
  • A moderator or facilitator guides the discussion and poses attendee submitted questions for group discussion.
  • Meetings are scheduled for 1-hour.


  • The primary goal is to share knowledge, address common challenges, and explore best practices.
  • They are a platform for brainstorming solutions, gaining new insights, and discussing industry trends.

Discussion Dynamics:

  • Discussions are usually open-ended but revolve around pre-determined topics or themes.
  • Participants share their experiences, perspectives, and strategies, and provide feedback to one another.

Networking and Professional Development:

  • These roundtables offer valuable opportunities for networking, building professional relationships, and learning from peers.
  • They are often seen as a safe space for open discussion, where confidentiality is maintained to encourage honesty and transparency.


  • Participants can gain a broader perspective on issues relevant to their field.
  • They can learn about new tools, technologies, and methodologies being employed by their peers.
  • Roundtables often lead to collaborative problem-solving and idea generation.

Pacific Barcode Sponsored Roundtable Events:

  • Medical Device Packaging & Labeling
  • Consumer Goods Labeling
  • Automating Labeling in Manufacturing Processes


  • Participants typically leave with actionable insights, fresh ideas, and new approaches to apply in their professional roles.
  • They can also identify potential areas for collaboration and innovation within their fields.

Peer Roundtables are valuable forums for knowledge exchange and networking, offering participants a chance to engage in meaningful discussions, confront common challenges, and build professional connections in a collaborative environment.