Flue Space Keep Clear Labels

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The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) defines a flue space as a clear opening from the base of the floor all the way to the ceiling within rack storage areas. Flue Spaces are required by most states and local jurisdictions and they reduce damage by allowing heat to vent upward and thus activating the sprinkler systems faster.

A flue space Keep Clear label is designed to make your warehouse staff aware of the areas where Pallets and Cartons cannot be placed keeping open areas where your sprinkler system can do its job.

Our Keep Clear labels are printed on Gloss Poly Labels with a 1.1 mil PET lamination with All-Temp Adhesive. These labels will work in all environments.

Available in both red text on caution yellow and yellow text on caution red to ensure that labels will stand out on your warehouse beams.

Be sure to read your local fire authority high piled combustible storage guidelines to make sure that you are satisfying their requirements. The most popular labels are red text printed in caution yellow in 3" or 6" widths. We offer both 3" depth for standard beams and 2" depth to account for wire decking.


All prices are per rolls of 1,000

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