Automatic Label Dispensers

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Automatic Dispensers

DISTRI-COUNT-U Dispenser/Counter


Elevate your labeling efficiency with Pacific Barcode’s automatic label dispensers, your go-to solution for seamless peel-and-present functionality. These dispensers ensure a continuous supply of labels, instantly presenting a new one as soon as the previous is removed, maintaining an unbroken pace in your workflow. Constructed to withstand the rigors of non-stop operation, our dispensers boast exceptional durability and are designed to meet the demands of 24/7 use. With an array of models on offer, finding the ideal Label Dispenser to match your specific requirements is a breeze. Maximize your operational productivity with Pacific Barcode’s automatic label dispensers. Specially engineered for high-volume, intensive label application settings, these dispensers simplify your tasks by ensuring smooth, uninterrupted label delivery. They feature advanced scrap rewind systems for swift start-ups and removals, and are versatile enough to handle various label formats, including die-cut and butt-cut, in multiple configurations. Shop top automatic label dispenser brands like LabelMate and DISTRI-COUNT.