Streamlining Warehouse Operations with Totem/Tree Labels

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Pacific Barcode's Totem/Tree Labels are designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in warehouse environments. These labels, also known as totem or stacked labels, are instrumental in creating a confusion-free workspace. They effectively eliminate the need for long-range scanning by guiding pickers to the correct pallet rack level without requiring a long-range scanner. This feature not only streamlines the picking process but also reduces errors associated with locating items in large warehouse spaces.

The utility of these labels extends to their use on vertical posts throughout the warehouse, serving as practical directional signs with or without barcode symbologies. The color-coding of each level to match shelf or rack locations ensures seamless integration into existing warehouse systems. Moreover, Pacific Barcode offers these labels in durable synthetic materials that are resistant to scuffing and abrasion, guaranteeing high performance and longevity under typical warehouse conditions​​.