Afinia Label

DLP-2100 Printer/Finisher

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Afinia Label DLP-2100 Printer/Finisher

The DLP-2100 can print, die cut, and finish labels at up to 60 feet per minute, making it the fastest and most advanced digital label press in its class. This full-featured workhorse is capable of laminating, die cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting and rewinding to finished rolls that are compatible with automatic application systems.

With the Afinia Label L901 Digital Label Printer inline, the DLP-2100 can produce more than 25,000 full-color 3 x 4-inch labels per hour. For larger brands, this makes it ideal for bringing label production in-house. Print shops can offload their small- to mid-sized label runs, freeing up large format presses while reducing costs and setup times. For most, eliminating the need to outsource labels results in faster turnaround times, greater control and flexibility, and thousands of dollars saved.