Warehouse Labels and Signs for all applications.

Need Warehouse Signs and Labels? Pacific Barcode offers everything needed to completely label and sign your warehouse distribution center including expert consultation to make sure that you have the right material and barcode specifications to fit the scanning equipment you are using. Pacific Barcode’s sign production operations can produce any custom sign required including hanging bulk storage signs, end of aisle signs, dock door signs and more.

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LPN Labels

LPN - License Plate Labels from Pacific Barcode

Preprinted LPN labels (license plate number labels) are used to track a variety of handling units such as pallets, cases, and containers in your warehouse. These labels are also called Serialized or Sequential Labels.

Warehouse Rack Labels

Warehouse Rack Labels from Pacific BarcodeChoose from a variety of options including polyester, paper, vinyl, and mono or color capabilities resulting in a cost effective highly visible solution for your warehouse label and sign needs.


Warehouse Floor Label Kits

Warehouse Floor Label Kits from Pacific Barcode

Pacific Barcode Floor label kits feature 1/8″ beveled aluminum frames that protect the bar code label from the wear and tear of day to day warehouse traffic including pallet jacks, and pallets.



Save time and hassle from drilling into your warehouse floor to affix floor label kits throughout your warehouse with Pacific Barcode's Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELD™. The Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELDS™ are made of a heavy-duty clear vinyl with tapered edges that won't lift against heavy contact and equipment.


Custom Warehouse Signs including Hanging and Long Range Barcode Signs

Custom Warehouse Signs including Hanging and Long Range Barcode Signs from Pacific BarcodePacific Barcode can provide you with all of your warehouse custom signage. These custom signs can be mounted on walls, pallet racks, suspended from a ceiling, beam, or above an area and depending on the configuration can be viewed or scanned from 1 to 4 sides depending on whether they are flat, triangular, cubed or angled.

Magnetic Rack Labels

Adjustable Magnetic Rack Labels from Pacific Barcode

Magnetic Labels allow you to quickly move or reposition labels when and as needed with easy to relocate magnets. Pacific Barcode’s Magnet Labels are the perfect solution where flexibility is critical due to shifting storage or shelf locations.

Retro-Reflective Labels and Signs

Retro-Reflective Labels and Signs from Pacific Barcode

Retro-reflective means that the material has the ability to return light directly back to the source. These retro-reflective labels have a layer of microscopic glass beads allowing for the light to directly bounce back to the scanner. This means quick and effective barcode scans for your team.

Totem or Tree Labels and Signs

Totem or Tree Labels and Signs from Pacific Barcode

Totem, Stacked or tree- labels help to create a confusion-free environment and eliminate the need for long-range scanning by referring the picker to the correct level of the pallet rack without the use of a long range scanner.

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