Beveled Metal Floor Label Kits


Pacific Barcode Floor label kits feature 1/8″ beveled aluminum frames that protect the bar code label from the wear and tear of day to day warehouse traffic including pallet jacks, and pallets. Warehouse Floor Label Kits are easily attached to the floor by four concrete anchors that are included with the kit, along with a concrete drill bit for simple installation. Each floor label kit comes with instructions, frame, and pre-printed labels.

Floor label kits allow you to mark critical locations within your warehouse or distribution center with 100% confidence that these barcodes will stay readable. These highly durable frames protect your scannable barcodes from cart and vehicle activity. The kit includes all instructions and components. In addition, Pacific Barcode can print these labels for you in mono or color.

Need Installation? With over 500,000 hours of successful warehouse installs throughout the country, we can quickly and efficiently install all of your warehouse labels and signs.


Save time and hassle from drilling into your warehouse floor to affix floor label kits throughout your warehouse.
Pacific Barcode’s Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELD™ is available with and without a floor label.

It all starts with our floor labels with an extreme Ultra Aggressive Adhesive. After this highly durable label is applied to your warehouse floor, the Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELD™ is applied over the label. In tandem, you have water, scuff, equipment resistant labels that will hold up under most conditions including foot traffic and light to medium pallet and forklift activity.

Labels are available in single color, full color, standard and retro-reflective materials.

The Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELD™ is made of a heavy-duty clear vinyl with tapered edges that won’t lift against heavy contact and equipment.

Warehouse FLOOR LABEL SHIELDS™ are available in the most popular 4.00″ x 6.00″ size along with custom sizes for your specialized application