Roll to Roll System for Epson C7500 Printer


The rewinder and unwinder for Epson C7500 printer are used to manage rolls of media up to 5″ (127mm) having an outside diameter up to 10″ (254mm). Units are equipped with adjustable core holder 1.57″ (40mm) – 4.64″ (118mm).

To guarantee an aligned media path in the system, it is available with a  junction plate to connect the rewinder and unwinder together.

Matrix remover for Epson C7500

Designed as an in-line option, the matrix remover for the Epson C7500 is an all-in-one system capable of removing the excess label material around each pre die cut label, and rewinding.

By printing on die cut label rolls with the matrix intact, you can be assured that your labels are completely printed, edge-to-edge.

Additional Finishing Solutions

If you are not able to view the On-Screen Flip Book, You may download the pdf here.