Barcoding Technology is a pivotal and important component of retail businesses.

The ubiquitous UPC number and the UPC barcode are the key to keeping good moving through the path stating with the receiving of them item, monitoring inventory up until the time that the customer purchases the item and it moves it’s way to the customer and out the door.

Businesses of every size need an automated system to keep things operating smoothly and whether you are looking to upgrade your current systems or if you are a new business owner looking to set up your first system, Pacific Barcode can provide everything you need.

Scanners: Similar in function to a keyboard or a mouse, scanners reduce errors during checkout and provide a real time inventory reference. Scanners come in a variety of types including hand-held, short range, flat bed and long-range.

Printers: Printers can be used for receipts, invoices, retail and shipping labels.

Pacific Barcode can provide all of the hardware and paper and label stock to meet your needs.