Axicon PV1000 Portable Verifier

Pacific Barcode is committed to providing the right Axicon equipment to meet the needs of our diverse range of customers. We have done this by creating a modular system – such that users who already have Axicon Verifier can add portability without the need to purchase a new verifier. Pacific Barcode offers two solutions to those users requiring portable barcode verification.

The most versatile option is available by using an existing Axicon 6000, 6500 or 7000 series verifier (with a USB connector) and simply purchasing a PV-1000 Portable Display and Collection unit. Please download the data sheet for full specification. In this way the user has the full capability of a PC/Mac based verifier – but with the option to just unplug the verifier from the computer and plug it into the PV-1000 for full portability and flexibility.


The PV-1000 can save both a text file of the verification results and also the scan file (which can be uploaded if required into the Axicon PC software). Printed verification reports can be obtained either by using a standard serial (RS232) printer or by transferring the saved data to a PC through the use of a USB memory stick and then printing from the PC.
An Optional protective rubber boot is also available if a higher level of protection is required (please note that the PV-1000 cannot be used in conjunction with an Axicon verifier from the “S” or “HS” range).

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