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An Emerging Leader in Innovative Auto-ID Solutions TSC Auto-ID Technology is an emerging leader in the production of innovative, competitively priced thermal barcode label printers. They have used their over-20 years of development and manufacturing experience to design and bring to market a wide range of thermal label printers – everything from budget-friendly entry-level printers to high-performance platforms and portable, mobile-labeling devices. Their ISO9001-certified products are known for their rugged, dependable construction and ease of use – two signature features praised by customers worldwide.

Their resources are devoted to the continuous development of durable, reliable, affordably priced thermal label printer – backed by industry-leading service and support.

Thermal Printers

TSC DA210-DA220 Series


Thermal Printers

TSC MH240 Series


Thermal Printers

TSC MX240P Series


Thermal Printers

TSC TC Series


Thermal Printers

TSC TTP-2410MT Series


Thermal Printers

TSC TX200 Series


Thermal Printers

TDP-225 Series


Thermal Printers

TSC TDP-247 Series


Thermal Printers

TSC TTP-225 Series


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