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The new UNI-CAT Rewinder/Unwinder is the most intelligent and universal Winder in the LABELMATE product line and can be used as both a Rewinder and an Unwinder.  The UNI-CAT synchronizes with the printer and automatically and imperceptibly changes direction with the printer. This makes the UNI-CAT the ideal companion for printers that back-feed or that are tension-sensitive. In addition, the UNI-CAT is self-teaching and automatically matches the speed of the printer without the need of any operator intervention. The UNI-CAT also senses when the end of roll is reached and automatically stops rewinding. The rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction of the UNI-CAT enables it to be simply set in place in the desired position. Special anti-slip feet prevent the unit from moving.With various core sizes, label widths, roll diameters and options to choose from, there is a UNI-CAT Winder to fit virtually any job you may have.

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