UDI (Unique Device Identification) requirements in the Medical Device Field have been changing at a rapid pace with the necessity of proper formatting, manufacturing and expiration dates, serialization, notification & warning symbols, barcodes and other components.

Overprinting pre-printed labels comes with its own challenges including maintaining inventory for dozens or hundreds of different labels, making sure that the correct label is pulled for the manufacturing line and proper alignment while printing.

The solution?

‘Instantly printing labels on-site’ at lighting fast speeds.

Just In Time Label Printing in tandem with enterprise labeling software such as Nice Label, Teklynx or Bartender allows for centrally controlled label approval, design revisions and management while being able to locally print labels right on the manufacturing line.

As an Epson plus VAR partner and a VIP Color VAR, we have a suite of solutions to meet your needs.

In addition, Pacific Barcode is a label manufacturing company that can provide high-quality stock or custom labels. Our very stringent manufacturing processes include visual inspection stations on our flexo/converting presses to ensure the highest level of quality and error-free materials.

Our Customer Service or Sales Team can set up auto-delivery label schedules to make sure that you always have blank stock and ink on hand. We’ll work with you to make sure that you always have optimum production ‘up-time’.


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