Color Inkjet Label Printers increase your in-house capabilities.

Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions has a variety of affordable “just-in-time” color printing solutions.
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Color Catalog –  2019

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There has been rapid growth in the need for short-run label printing, driven by an explosion in increased product versions, SKUs, barcoding, localization, and targeted marketing promotions. Most external print houses charge excessive setup fees and have minimum order quantities for short-run jobs. These constraints greatly reduce a company’s flexibility and force organizations to tie up cash in unessential stockpiled labels that may ultimately require updating and will be wasted.

Use color to speed visual search

Whether you are color coding your labels to aid your shipping department to easily locate the correct box or carton for picks and pulls or you are guiding the retail consumer to choose your product over your competition, color is good business.

Color improves product recognition
Having a full-color photograph of your product on the outside of the box, speeds up buying decisions allowing the consumer to quickly select the product they are looking for.According to KISSmetrics, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance and color above all other factors when shopping.85% of shoppers place color as the primary reason for why they buy a particular product

Color Increases Brand Recognition by 80%.

Color is affordable.

Color isn’t just limited to product labels either…shipping labels in color allow for some additional branding opportunities with your customers too. Adding logos and artwork in full color create a positive impact as well.