Rewinders and Unwinders

Choose from a variety of Rewinders/Unwinders to assist in feeding material, rolling material, and unwinding rolls.

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Fin-style adjustable core holder for varying core sizes. Low Cost, Small Size Label Rewinders for 1-4″ Core or Coreless. Jumbo Power House with a gear driven motor, high torque power supply and large roll diameter.
Helps eliminates inkjet banding and inkpjet registration problems. For VIP Color 485/495
If material needs to make several passes through the printer this would be the ideal Rewind/Unwind solution for you. Fast and easy way to change the direction of wound label material, make a larger roll out of several smaller ones. Fast way to change rewind direction of material (wind-in / wind-out), change core sizes, and visually inspect labels.
For VIP Color 485/495