Pacific Barcode is your source for thermal printer printheads. The list below is a partial listing of what we carry. To get a price quote, please fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you right away.
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Automated Packaging Bizerba Datamax/Fargo IBM Italora Sato
Autotote Brady Encore IER Miltrope Seiko
Avery Berkel Comtech Fujitsu IER/UBI Monarch TSC
AXIOHM Datamax Godex Intermec NCR Zebra
Printer MakePrinter ModelDPI/Pacific Barcode P/N
AutototeExtrema200 DPI (SMP-080-640-200)
AutototeExtrema Reader100 DPI (SMP-024-096)
AutototeMax3000100 DPI (SMP-080-320-200)
AutototeMax3000200 DPI (SMP-080-640-200)
Avery BerkelM-Series
AXIOMA760200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
AXIOMA776200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
AXIOMA795200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
AXIOMB780200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
AXIOMXB200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
AXIOMTA200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
AXIOMTB Mech.200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
BizerbaGS203 DPI (SDP-080-640-006)
Brady2461203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM37)
Brady300X-Plus ii300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM44)
BradyZ4MMVP300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM39)
ComtechBravo 2"203 DPI (SDP-056-832-AM48)
DatamaxDMX-4000203 DPI (SDP-084-672-A25)
DatamaxDMX-8500203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM53)
DatamaxM-Class203 DPI (SSP-108-864-AM71)
DatamaxM-Class M-II SmartheadM-Class M-II Smarthead
Datamax/FargoAllegro203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM1)
Datamax/FargoDMX-400203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM1)
Datamax/FargoI-Class I-4206
Datamax/FargoI-Class I-4208
Datamax/FargoI-Class I-4212
Datamax/FargoMax203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM1)
Datamax/FargoProdigy Plus203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM1)
EncoreEncore 3203 DPI (SMP-072-576-AM62)
Fujitsu422150 DPI (SMP-053-320-400)
IBM4610200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBM4610 TG6200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM84)
IBM4610 TI6200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM84)
IBMTG3200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBMTG4200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBMTG8200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBMTG9200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBMTI3200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBMTI4200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBMTI8200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IBMTI9200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM80)
IER506203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM73)
IER506A203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM73)
IER506B203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM74)
IER506C203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM74)
IER506D203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM74)
IER508203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM79)
IER512C200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM32)
IER557203 DPI (SSP-080-640-A26)
IER567203 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM72)
IER/UBIBT201E203 DPI (SDP-080-640-A29)
Intermec3400 A203 DPI (SDP-104-832-AM8)
Intermec3400 B203 DPI (SDP-104-832-AM8)
Intermec3400 C203 DPI (SDP-104-832-AM8)
Intermec4400200 DPI (SDP-112-896-AM6)
Intermec4420203 DPI (SSP-112-896-AM45)
Italora56mm or 2inch printhead203 DPI (SMP-056-448-AM48)
Miltrope (US Air)4550 Mod I203 DPI (SDP-080-640-A10)
Monarch9820203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
Monarch9825203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
Monarch9830203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
Monarch9835203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
Monarch9840203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
Monarch9850203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
Monarch9855203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
Monarch9860203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM34)
NCR7158200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM49)
NCR7167200 DPI (SDP-080-640-AM81)
SatoCL408203 DPI (SSP-112-896-AM67)
SatoCL408E203 DPI (SSP-112-896-AM67)
SatoCL412e305 DPI (SSP-112-1344-AM68)
SatoM-8480203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM30)
SatoM-8485S203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM30)
SatoM-8485SE203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM30)
SatoM84Pro203 DPI (SSP-112-896-AM75)
SatoM84Pro305 DPI (SSP-112-1344-AM76)
Seiko251B100 DPI (SMP-048-192-AM12)
SeikoLTP251A-192100 DPI (SMP-048-192-AM12)
Zebra105 SL203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM41)
Zebra105 SL300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM42 plus)
Zebra105 SL300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM42)
Zebra105S/SE203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM11)
Zebra110 Pax 4203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM63)
Zebra110 Pax 4300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM64 plus)
Zebra110 Pax 4300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM64)
Zebra110 Pax 3 L&R203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM41)
Zebra110 Pax 3 L&R300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM42)
Zebra110xi II203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM43)
Zebra110xi II300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM44 plus)
Zebra110xi II300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM44)
Zebra110xi III300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM44 plus)
Zebra110xi III300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM44)
Zebra110xi III+203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM43)
Zebra110xi III+300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM44 plus)
Zebra110xi III+300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM44)
140203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM7)
Zebra140 Xi II203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM7)
Zebra140xi203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM7)
Zebra140Xi III203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM7)
Zebra142203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM7)
Zebra143203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM7)
Zebra170PAX IV300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM40)
Zebra170xi II300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM40)
Zebra170xi III300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM40)
Zebra173 PAX300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM40)
Zebra173 PAX II300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM40)
Zebra173 PAX III300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM40)
Zebra300S203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM11)
Zebra500S203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM11)
ZebraBravo 2 inch203 DPI (SDP-056-448-AM48)
ZebraEncore 3203 DPI (SMP-072-576-AM62)
ZebraPax3 L&R203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM41)
ZebraPax3 L&R300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM42 plus)
ZebraPax3 L&R300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM42)
ZebraQL320203 DPI (SMP-072-576-AM61)
ZebraR140203 DPI (SSP-128-1024-AM7)
ZebraS4M203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM59)
ZebraS4M300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM60 plus)
ZebraS4M300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM60)
ZebraS600203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM50)
ZebraZ170xi III+300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM40)
ZebraZ4000203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM38)
ZebraZ4000300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM39 plus)
ZebraZ4000300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM39)
ZebraZ4M203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM38)
ZebraZ4M300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM39 plus)
ZebraZ4M300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM39)
ZebraZ4M+ 203dpi203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM38)
ZebraZ4M+ 300dpi300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM39 plus)
ZebraZ4M+ 300dpi300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM39)
ZebraZ6000203 DPI (SSP-168-1344-AM577)
ZebraZ6000300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM78)
ZebraZ6M203 DPI (SSP-168-1344-AM77)
ZebraZ6M300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM78)
ZebraZ6M+203 DPI (SSP-168-1344-AM77)
ZebraZ6M+300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM78)
ZebraZM400203 DPI (SSP-104-832-AM538)
ZebraZM400300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM539 plus)
ZebraZM400300 DPI (SSP-106-1248-AM539)
ZebraZM600203 DPI (SSP-168-1344-AM77)
ZebraZM600300 DPI (SSP-168-1984-AM578)