Table Top Reel-to-Reel Label Rewinders

These self-contained Unwind/Rewind RRR’s (Reel-to-Reel Rewinders) are a fast way to change rewind direction of material (wind-in / wind-out), change core sizes, and visually inspect labels. With various core sizes, roll diameters and speed adjustment these units present the most versatile way to get the job done.

With a 3-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, all LABELMATE USA Reel-to-Reel Rewinders and Unwinders are designed for worry-free 24/7 operation.

Designed for all-day, every-day use, these Reel-to-Reel Unwinders / Rewinders are backed by a 3-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, assuring you reliable performance.


  • Power On-Off
  • Stop / Run
  • Speed Adjust
  • Speed Variable/Maximum
  • Photocell Sensitivity Adjust
  • New Bi-Directional rewind capability
  • “Wind-In” or “Wind-Out” to reverse the facing direction of labels.
  • Uni-Directional Rewind to the right-hand Spindle. The left-hand Spindle is the Unwind (supply) Spindle.
  • Auto-Stop at end of roll.
  • Label width: Up to 6” (153-mm). Adjustable Label Guide helps realign uneven label rolls.
  • Rugged Construction. Universal 100-240V 50-60Hz Power Supply.
  • Rewind speed varies with roll diameter.
  • Standard 3” (76-mm) Fin-style Unwind Core Holder.
 Rewind CoreUnwind CoreRoll DiameterSpeedReel to Reel Unwind/Rewind Systems
RRR-3303" - 76mm3" - 76mm13" - 330mmUp to 114 ips - 2895 mmAs above with 13” (330-mm) Roll Diameter capacity.
RRR-330A1" - 4" adjustable3" - 76mm12.5" - 317mmUp to 108 ips - 2743 mmAs above with 12.5” (317-mm) Roll Diameter capacity and a 1” to 4” Adjustable Rewind Core Holder.

rr1uExtra Unwind Shaft for 1” Cores. Change from the standard 3” Core Holder in minutesRR-1”U
rr15uExtra Unwind Shaft for 1.5” Cores. Change from the standard 3” Core Holder in minutes.RR-1.5”U
RR-40mmUExtra Unwind Shaft for 40-mm Cores. Change from the standard 3” Core Holder in minutesRR-40mmU