Gear Driven – High Torque Label Rewinder

The CAT-40G Gear Driven Label Rewinder is a large roll diameter Label Rewinder. With a gear driven motor, high torque power supply and large roll diameter there is no job too big for this jumbo power house. Optional Sensor Arm technology for stopping and starting the Rewinder makes this Rewinder ideal for winding up nice tight large rolls of material.

Here’s the solution for tight rewind of large rolls and for slitting large rolls up to 16” (406-mm) in diameter.
A newly developed Gear-Driven, Amplified-Torque Motor brings impressive power to your project.
Equipped with a “Quick-Chuck” quick-locking Core Chuck, the CAT-40G is ready for
your toughest assignments.
Supplied with a Universal Worldwide 100-240V 50-60Hz Regulated Power Supply.
The CAT-40G is available in two versions. For label rewinding, the CAT-40G-SA manages the rewind
process with a Sensor Arm that turns off rewinding when your printer stops.
For slitting applications, you’ll want torque available full-time so you do not need the Sensor Arm.
In that case, order the standard CAT-40G that has no Sensor Arm.
This durable Rewinder is designed for continuous 24/7 operation
and has an outstanding 5-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, the best in the industry!

With an unmatched 5-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty, all LABELMATE USA CAT Rewinders and Unwinder are designed for worry-free 24/7 operation.
All units have a 3″ Core

cat40gUp to 6” (152-mm)Up to 16” (400-mm)Heavy-duty Gear Driven Label Rewinder with a 6” wide “Quick-Chuck”, Sensor Arm and Inner and Outer Label Flanges.
CAT-40G-220Up to 8.6” (220-mm)Up to 16” (400-mm)With an 8.6” wide “Quick-Chuck”.
CAT-40G-10Up to 10” (254-mm) Up to 16” (400-mm)With a 10” wide “Quick-Chuck”.
CAT-40G-SAUp to 6” (152-mm)Up to 16” (400-mm) With a 10” wide “Quick-Chuck”.
CAT-40G-SA-220Up to 8.6” (220-mm)Up to 16” (400-mm) With an 8.6” wide “Quick-Chuck”.
CAT-40G-SA-10Up to 10” (254-mm) Up to 16” (400-mm) With a 10” wide “Quick-Chuck”.
*Maximum Speed of CAT-40G Rewinders is 320-ips (8128-mm)

adapt326ADAPT-326Pair of Adapters allow users of 6″ inside diameter Core on a 3″ diameter CHUCK.