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Customized solutions to meet your unique challenges- that’s our core competency. With tracking and management, compliance labeling, quality control, shipping and receiving, and everything else in between, Printronix Auto-ID helps customers across the globe. Find the Printronix-Auto ID solution that is the right fit for you.

Compliance Labeling
With Printronix Auto-ID products you can easily overcome failure to produce compliant labels that cause fines/chargebacks, condemned or returned goods, and eventually customer loss. Our proven compliance labeling and validation solutions print labels that are inclusive of different barcode symbologies, layouts and content to ensure compliance with regulatory and customer requirements.

Inventory Management
Inventory management is the science of determining the optimum quantity, mix, and location of stocked goods. Two ways to become a master of this science is by utilizing barcode and/or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Printronix engineers premium solutions in both categories which are critical to the management of inventoried goods.

Track and Trace
Parts and components included in the manufacturing of goods travel a great distance throughout the supply chain process. From pre-production, assembly, to quality control requires accurate labeling and tracking capabilities in order for monitoring the movement of goods. Printronix industrial printers are engineered to assist in this process, and when combined with the exclusive Online Data Validation (ODV) system, truly becomes a best in class offering no business relying on Track and Trace can be without.

Shipping and Receiving
Effective shipping and receiving calls for speed, consistency and clear communication of the location of goods. We offer a wide range of industrial printing solutions that maximize production and quality of print for enhanced operations in shipping and receiving. From cold and dry to warm, humid or dusty, Printronix Auto-ID printers are engineered to perform consistently in the harshest environments.

Reverse Logistics
Having a print solution in place which guarantees the quality of pre-printed labels is vital to developing strong customer relationships. The process of reverse logistics is frequently the result of returned goods (unwanted or unsold), reusable packaging, buy-back & refurbishment, and responsible disposal. Regardless of need, maintaining the customer relationship is key. Providing a quality pre-printed label with confidence creates an opportunity to be a better partner to the customer.

The T8000 is the premier high-end thermal printer. With unmatched industrial performance, easy to use, and 100% verifiable output, the T8000 exceeds the requirements of the most demanding mission critical manufacturing and distribution operations.

Rugged design with industry leading capabilities to print PostScript/PDF, print in

sub-zero temperatures without heated enclosures, all while remotely managing your environments with PrintNet Enterprise.

Highlights of the T8000 include:

Harsh Environments – Coolest in the industry
The T8000 is built to last with the ability to withstand dirt, grime, humidity, and extreme temperatures. The new T8000 is able to operate in the coldest environments of the industry, with temperatures as low as -5°C (23°F) for direct thermal and 5°C (41°F) for thermal transfer.  The T8000 provides reliable printing, without the need to use a heated enclosure.PostScript/PDF – Making history in industrial thermal technology
Presenting the industry’s first industrial thermal printer with PostScript/PDF capabilities.  The T8000 offers seamless connectivity of PostScript and PDF file printing for quick deployment while supporting both 203 and 300 DPI applications in 35 different fonts.  The T8000 supports the latest ERP systems and features Plug-n-Play as a native component with SAP drivers.

User-friendly – Larger color screen and Self-help Wizard
The T8000 thermal printers were designed with your convenience in mind.  Featuring a new user interface with 3.4″ hi-res color display panel, the T8000 thermal printers offer an advanced setup wizard with graphical icons and four navigation keys to configure and optimize your print.  Browse through the QR code library included in the wizard to help you gain quick access to additional printer resources, including how-to videos.

Enterprise Performance – 40% more quality output
From the family of industrial grade experts, the T8000 thermal printers raise the bar in output performance.  Utilizing a high-power ARM 9 processor, the T8000 thermal printer can print up to 14 IPS at 203 dpi – 40% more quality output.  In addition, this printer series holds 512MB RAM and 128MB Flash memory with up to 1GHz clock speed to process complex labels and large print jobs.

Print Quality – Must be ODV™
100% quality barcodes is our mantra.  Pairing the T8000 with the exclusivity of Printronix’s Online Data Validator (ODV™) yields 100% scannable barcodes 100% of the time. The new Printronix HD print technology and intelligent heat management system feature 2x more variations per dot line, ultimately delivering finer resolution in heat applied output.

The Powerful T6000 represents the next generation industrial, 
high-performance thermal barcode printer.

Setting new benchmarks for speed, print quality, validation and reliability, the T6000 is engineered with the singular mission of increasing true productivity and lowering compliance fees. Loaded with advanced features, validation technology, RFID capabilities and the most comprehensive emulation package available, the T6000 delivers supercharged performance for a wide array of applications.


  • Stellar quality print at lighting fast speed, clocking in at 14 ips
  • Increased productivity at every shift as a direct result of the
  • ARM Cortex-A9 controller, processing barcode data faster than ever before
  • Ease-of-Use and an interactive screen reduces training and down time, helping your business focus on operational productivity


  • Plug-n-Play in any operational environment, with the ability to be networked via the most comprehensive printer emulations in the industry
  • Rugged design allows the T6000 to perform in even the most challenging environmental conditions
  • Wide-ranging RFID support for On-Pitch, Short-Pitch and Standard Pitch to handle a variety of applications


  • Exclusive validation solutions eliminate expensive compliance fees by producing 100% quality barcodes, 100% of the time
  • Comprehensive WiFi security suite featuring the very latest protocols to block unauthorized access and ensure peace of mind
  • Intelligent heat management system increases printhead life and improves barcode print quality while reducing operating costs

Our exclusive Online Data Validation (ODV™) eliminates compliance fees with automatic, 100 % barcode validation. Available on the T8000 and T6000 thermal printers, ODV ensures that all barcodes meet the most stringent scanning standards, reducing unnecessary compliance costs.

With our  ODV technology, you can:

  • Eliminate chargebacks due to refused or delayed shipments
  • Deliver 100% scannable barcodes to your production area every time, automatically
  • Eliminate unscannable barcodes from entering into your supply chain distribution system
  • Reduce labor costs and downtime with an unattended solution
  • Capture and display the raw data within each barcode, to provide further assurance that critical data, such as serialized barcodes, print correctly

Find out how the Printronix Auto ID ODV solution can make your printing process more efficient and productive.