Buying from Pacific Barcode is like having a barcode expert on your staff.
We provide the highest quality label printing at very competitive prices. From 1 to a million (or more) we print to GS1 specifications and then verify to insure proper and consistent scanning.

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Pacific Barcode’s Printed Fanfold Labels are available in a variety of sizes. The basic formats for printed fanfold labels are as follows:

Format 1 Text only – this can be a verbiage to go on an item or location or serial numbers or other types of identification marks for these labels.

Format 2 is for printing your own graphic image on a thermal printed label. The artwork should be very simple and black and white. Your supplied artwork should be to size and a minimum of 300 dpi.

Format 3 is for any type of barcode except for UPC which includes symbologies such as Code 39 or Code 128. These are perfect for asset tags, Amazon FBA labels, Inventory and Component Control Labels, etc.

Format 4 is used for UPC Barcodes and are printed to GS1 specifications.

Format 5 – UPC Barcode image with a Header.

Format 6 –  UPC Barcode with two Headers.

Format 7 – UPC Barcode with a Header and a Footer.

Format 8 – UPC Barcode with a Footer

Format 9 – UPC Barcode with 2 Footers.

Format 10 (not pictured) Anything that doesn’t fit within the first 9 formats.