Pacific Barcode Featured in ‘Temecula Today’

Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions, is featured in the April-June 2016 Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce magazine, Temecula Today.


Tell us a little bit about Pacific Barcode and how the company got started?

Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions is label manufacturer and printing equipment solutions provider located in Temecula, California. Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions incorporates the following: on-site label printers (Color & BW), label printing software, service and support, labels, custom printed labels, custom and quick turn barcode labels, warehouse/distribution center labels and signage.

Our typical customers are consumer goods, medical devices, labs, pharma, nutraceuticals, food processing, packaging, retailers, medical device manufacturers, and military drug testing labs. With the latest technology advances in on-site color label printing, the market is rapidly growing. Pacific Barcode is a leader in this area and is currently it’s fastest growth area of the company.

Pacific Barcode was founded in December, 1999 in a 20’x20’ office in Temecula and now, in 2016, we currently have over 4,00 customers worldwide with an exceptional annual growth rate. Pacific Barcode continues to focus on its core values that were established upon our inception: Quality, Reliability, Efficiency, Customer is #1, and Industry Focused.

Give us a small overview of the production process?
Pacific Barcode produces the following labels:

  • Blank Labels for On-Site label printers
  • Custom Labels
  • Color Digital Labels
  • Warehouse LPN barcode labels
  • Quick Turn barcode labels
  • Retail Compliance UPC labels

Our production areas are divided into two areas, Our Print Production Facility and Our Label Converting Facility.

In our Print Production Facility, we produce quick turn-around digitally printed labels. Labels are typically produced using digital printing equipment and normally attached to a database of records to ensure accuracy. Labels produced in this area are:

  • Barcode Labels
  • Full Color Digital Printed Labels
  • Warehouse Signage

In our Label Converting Facility, we produce long run Blank and Color labels. Usually labels that are to be used in an on-site printer sold and supported by Pacific Barcode. In this process we take large 10,000 foot rolls of raw label material and die cut to size. The machines used in the process utilize steel dies of various sizes to die cut labels at high speed.

Who are some of you clients and where could we find your product?
Pacific Barcode has a large customer base with over 4,000 customers. Our customers range from the small company just getting started, to the very large worldwide medical device manufacturer Pacific Barcode ships to and supports all over the world.

Why Temecula?
We love the quality of the life in Temecula and have seen the planning of the city from the earlier days, even before Temecula was a city. Temecula’s quality of life continues to grow. Temecula really does have it all.

We also feel that there are good people here and it helps to attract excellent employees that care about the company and our customers.

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