Avery Dennison® MicroTach™ Attaching SystemAvery Dennison® MicroTach™ Attaching System

Replace thread, staples and pins with our smallest and most versatile fastener. MicroTach applies these small, discreet nylon fasteners that hold fast and apply easily with a lightweight, handheld tool. Items stay in the presentation configuration most appealing to consumers.

RBIS-Web-MicroPin-220x140Avery Dennison® MicroPin™ Attaching System

Applies virtually invisible and customer safe plastic fasteners. MicroPin fasteners hold securely, yet are quick and easy to remove. A simple pull is all it takes and the consumer is ready to enjoy your product. No hidden pins in the fabric, no sharp pins on the floor.

Avery Dennison® Mark III Standard Scissor ToolAvery Dennison® Mark III Standard Scissor Tool

This original tag attaching tool is best suited for tagging hanging goods. The tool's slim profile is well suited for small hands. Accepts 50 per clip fasteners only.
System 1000Avery Dennison™ System 1000® Tools

Features twenty times more loading capacity than ordinary, hand-held tag attaching tools.  Exceptional tagging capabilities for most general-purpose and heavy-duty applications.

Avery Dennison® Fine Fabric™ Style Attaching ToolsAvery Dennison® Fine Fabric™ Style Attaching Tools

Designed with a fine needle to greatly reduce the likelihood of holes and snags. Ideal for tagging silk, satin, nylon, elastic, micro fibers, lycra, rayon, polyester, fine linens or infant wear. Optimized spring tension and short trigger stroke provide smooth operation.

Avery Dennison® Soft Grip ToolAvery Dennison® Soft Grip Tool

The Soft Grip Tool is the only attacher available with a soft, non-slip cushion comfort grip molded right into the attacher handle and trigger. This special design provides a firmer grip - it's soft to the touch. Standard and fine fabric tools available.

Avery Dennison® Mark III™ Pistol ToolAvery Dennison® Mark III™ Pistol Tool

The industry standard for fastening, the Mark III’s ergonomic design and easy-squeeze mechanism makes it the number one choice for tagging applications.  Available in a long needle version for tagging multiple layers or bulky merchandise.

Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening SystemAvery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening System

The Mark V Fastening System helps minimize operator risk when attaching brand message, price, size and bar code tags in retail stores, distribution centers and apparel production facilities.

Avery Dennison® StringTach™ FastenersAvery Dennison® StringTach™ Fasteners

Attract Consumers’ Attention

Garments tagged with premium string fasteners are perceived to be of much higher value than of those tagged with conventional plastic loop fasteners.

Increase Brand Visibility
StringTach is an important garment accessory that provides visual differentiation between standard and premium brands.

Avery Dennison® Secur-a-tach® FastenersAvery Dennison® Secur-a-tach® Fasteners

Secur-a-tach Fasteners are fast, economical and secure, making them the perfect solution for tagging hard goods. Our proprietary stretching technology produces stronger, more flexible fasteners, with an average tensile strength of 8 lbs.