Choose this model if you need to verify mainly smaller, very commonly used barcodes like EAN-13 and UPC-A,  code 39, code128 and ITF. As long as the width of the codes and light margin on either side do not exceed a width of 2.8 inches.

The ‘Retail Mode’ allows you to check the quality of the barcodes mainly used in the retail chain: e.g. EAN/UPC, EAN/GS1-128 and ITF-14, all up to a maximum width of 4.9 inches. This should cover most codes printed on labels e.g. thermal (transfer) printing systems.

This model verifies the larger type of barcodes being used in logistics. Typically ITF-14 and GS1-128 (formally EAN-128). Maximum scan width is up to 7.7 inches

The Axicon 6015 / 7015 set is an all in one system comprising both the Axicon 6000 and the Axicon 7000 read heads aimed at verifying from the smallest to the largest linear barcodes

Specifically designed for use with thermal printers, the Axicon In-line Verification System utilizes CCD imaging technology to provide full ISO grade verification.

The Axicon “S” range allows the user to simply scroll down the code in “continuous scan” mode for the most accurate verification results. Just place the verifier over the barcode (or slightly above or below the barcode), press the trigger and slide the verifier over the code – in less than a second you can have results averaged over a maximum if 100 scans of the code at different points in the bar height.

A complete modular system that allows for complete mobile solutions without the expense of buying a new verifier

The Axicon 12000 – 2D verifier  is aimed at verifying 2D bar codes such as Data Matrix, GS1 Databar codes, QR codes, PDF and micro PDF codes.